What is it you actually do?

We make and deliver bakery products throughout the night, we deliver to your house in the early hours, we tie your order to your door handle or if you leave a box out or cupboard unlocked we'll put them there instead.

What are your delivery charges?

There are no delivery charges, the price you see is the price you pay.

What is the minimum order?

The minimum order is half a dozen rolls and the price starts at £2.50

Do you have a menu or a price list? 

Everything we deliver is on the website, select the amount (half dozen or full dozen) then select the type (Scotch/normal, Crispy, Jumbo, Large, Wheaten, Cracked wheaten, Finger rolls and Jumbo Finger rolls) and add to cart.

When can I expect my delivery?

If you order before 3pm then you can guarantee that you will receive them the next morning. Deliveries are mostly between 1 am and 5 am in the morning.

Can I order rolls for a certain date?

Yes just select the date that you would like them delivered.

I loved my delivery can I make it a regular thing?

Yes, we have many subscriptions available at https://shop.lothianbakery.co.uk/subscriptions if you select a product from there it will be automatically delivered on the schedule that you pick.

Always billed weekly on the day and time that you paid your first order.

We can’t change a Subscription once you’ve set it up so if you need to change the order unfortunately it’s a case of cancelling your current order and starting a new one.

How can I pause my subscription if I'm going on holiday?

You can log in here using the email address you signed up with.

My card has expired how can I update it?

If you follow this link you can update your card details.

Do you make gluten free products?

No, we don't make any gluten free products.

Can we collect from the bakery?

No, we only offer delivery at the moment.

Can I trust you with my card or bank details?

We don’t actually see your card or bank details. We use a company called Stripe which is one of the biggest card payment companies in the world, we also use Paypal, Coincorner (for bitcoin) and you can send money straight into our bank account, no method reveals your card number to us.

How do reward points work?

For every 1 dozen rolls or equivalent you buy you receive 1 reward point each full point is worth 15p. 

You can also refer people using a referral link in your account section of the web site and you will receive 8 points for each person who then orders £3.50 or more of products. They will receive 50p off their first order.

I have a complaint, how can I contact you?

You can send us a mail at sales@lothianbakery.co.uk