Do you deliver cakes? Not at the moment. 

What are your delivery charges? There are no delivery charges, the price you see is the price you pay.  

What is the minimum order? The minimum order is half a dozen rolls and the price starts at £2.50 

Do you have a menu or a price list?  Everything we deliver is on the website, select the amount (half dozen or full dozen) then select the type (Scotch/normal, Crispy, Jumbo, Large, Wheaten, Cracked wheaten, Finger rolls and Jumbo Finger rolls) and add to cart. 

When can I expect my delivery? If you order before 3pm then you can guarantee that you will receive them the next morning. No matter what you order. If you order after 3pm then you may get them the next day depending on how much stock we have available that day, ordinary rolls will usually be ok but fingers, wheaten and jumbo rolls are likely to be pushed until the next day. We will deliver all orders at the earliest possible date. Almost all deliveries are before 5am. 

Can I order rolls for a certain date? Yes just add a note on the delivery sheet for which date you would like them.  

Do you make gluten free products? No we don't make any gluten free products. 

Can we collect from the bakery? No, we only offer delivery at the moment. 

Your rolls are vegan friendly but are your scones? No, our scones contain milk.